Petal Back Clothing, manufactures and markets clothing for people with limited mobility. The unique "Petal Back" design of our garments allows quick and easy dressing and undressing.

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How do I order Petal Back clothing?
We can talk about your order detail by telephone 0845 643 9492 or email:

Can I have brochures & pricelists to give to the families of our residents?
Yes! We are happy to offer our brochures for display in any facility so interested families can easily access them as required. Contact us at  if you would like us to send some to you.

How long will it take to get the order?
We strive to be in stock at all times and to be able to send within one week. Please refer to our Postage & Handling section on the main menu for more details.

Where can I buy Petal Back styles?
Either via by phone 0845 643 9492 or by email through this website at

What colours does it come in?
All styles have been made in a variety of colours and/or patterns to ensure dignity. You will see the full range of available patterns when you click on a specific garment.

Are the sizes generous?
Yes! To ensure our Petal back Styles are as pain free as possible when being dressed and undressed.

Can Petal Back garments be used when a resident is on a hoist?
Yes! All Petal Back styles can be put on and taken off from either sitting or lying position.

Do they survive the Nursing home Laundry?
Yes! All fabrics have been tested to withstand industrial laundering and to also be soft and gentle to the skin.

Can I exchange the size if not correct?
Yes! If the goods are unworn and still in resale condition we will happily exchange.

Do the styles co-ordinate together?
Yes! Great care is taken when choosing patterns and colour ways to ensure that we can provide a variety of well coordinated looks for our clients different tastes and colour preferences.
Contact us at Email: to find out more.

Do you have underwear with Petal Back opening?
Yes our singlet/vest/under shirt has the Petal Back design.

Can you send accounts for goods to the Trustees responsible for the residents financial affairs?
Yes! We are happy to send our invoices separately to the Trustee or Relative.

How will my orders be sent to me?
We use Local Delivery Services.

How does the use of Petal Back Clothing impact a high care facility?
Emphasis on simplifying care tasks with the use of Petal Back Clothing will increase occupational safety, enhance quality of care and assist in building a safer workplace.

Do the poly/cotton knit styles last as long as the 100% polyester knit styles?
As the cotton yarn is natural, it will not be as durable as the 100% polyester but it does have the advantage of being very gentle against the skin.

Do you have menswear with the Petal Back styles?
Yes we can assist gentlemen with our singlet style, polo shirts, night shirts.

How does Petal Back Clothing assist Nurses/Carers?
Use of Petal Back Clothing styles will greatly reduce the risk of back injuries caused through manual handling. It also saves time and is more gentle for the person in your care

Why is Petal Back Clothing so important to Nursing Staff/Carers?
Nursing staff face a significant risk to their own health when dressing difficult or resistive residents as well as those unable to assist themselves.

Do the Petal Back styles wash well in a Nursing home laundry?
Yes all style have been thoroughly tested for durability.