Petal Back Clothing, manufactures and markets clothing for people with limited mobility. The unique "Petal Back" design of our garments allows quick and easy dressing and undressing.

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Bariatric Wear

Petal Back Clothing was invented in Australia by a former fashion designer, Linda Dugan.

Linda created the simple yet practical petal back concept when she could not find suitable clothing for her Grandmother, at that time in her care.

Petal Back Clothing features soft seams, no fasteners and a range of attractive designs, ensuring ease of use and dignity for carers and wearers.

Petal Back Clothing is now a leading range in aged care adaptive clothing, with sales all around the world.

Most recently the range has been extended to include bariatric care.  Our full range is available under the NDIS. 

Petal Back Adaptive Bariatric Nightshirt
Petal Back Adaptive Bariatric Nightshirt

Petal Back Adaptive Clothing's Bariatric nightwear range is designed to maximize dignity and comfort, when hospital or Nursing home care is needed. The range was developed with the guidance of AusBig and other health care professionals. 

Sizes Available: Bariatric 1 (150kg+) Bariatric 2 (250kg+) Bariatric 3 (350kg+)

This adaptive clothing style features a discrete overlapping back design which wraps from shoulder to shoulder to ensure dignity at all times.  Our unique "Petal Back" design allows quick and easy dressing and undressing.  The clothing can be put on frontwards without raising the arms, eliminating the need to bend or rotate muscles or joints.  

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